In these capacities and coupled with our mastering of Cameroon and Central Africa sub regional markets, we advise and represent client exporters on appropriate market entry strategies for specific markets like Cameroon and Central Africa Sub region. Moreover, we provide a quality trade and marketing advisory service to client exporters. In the same light, we strengthen relationships with client companies in order to encourage and support their commitment to export growth.


In the context of contract facilitation, we facilitate investment in Cameroon and environs by fully sitting in and negotiating  contracts and business on behalf of our foreign and local partners as well as facilitating the installation of subsidiaries and creation of enterprise.

Here, we:

  • Contact local and foreign business for existing business opportunities in our markets,
  • Analyze the alignment of their needs with current opportunities
  • Prepare their bids and any necessary business documents
  • Sit in on their behalves
  • Sign some documents on their behalves
  • Negotiate contracts and businesses on their behalves
  • Able in the company’s name to acquire rights and make commitments that are binding on the company
  • To act before courts and other authorities on behalf of the company.
  • Carry out all lawful activities on their behalf that are stated in our Memorandum of Understanding( MoU)
  • Assist or execute contracts or businesses on their behalves.

This service is aimed at delivering the following benefits to our foreign and local investors:

  • Low initial cost of implementation
  • Benefit from existing business infrastructures
  • Easy access into new markets
  • Manufacturer benefit from existing distribution channels and thus increased market shares
  • Gains instant access to either industry expertise or knowledge of our markets