With Global Procurement Services, a team of Senior Professional Buyers are involve in en during the purchase and delivery of goods from local and global markets.  Here we contract to buy and supply from local and global markets using our expertise in the understanding of needs, specifications, contractual terms and conditions, management of supply risks and our ability to develop and adapt robust procurement strategies that align with the procurement strategy of our client, thus delivering the company’s wider objectives, the organization’s timeline and avoiding budget slip. Moreover, the taking into account of additional procurement process costs or associated risks to ensure resilience supply chains is our critical concern.

We simply seek to help our client in achieving reduced costs, reduced lead times, increased operational efficiency, and positively contribute towards achieving business growth.

Finally, we take full responsibility in ensuring that local and global supplies are delivered in the Right Quality, Right Quantity, Right Place, Right Price and at the Right Time.  We make every effort to maximize revenue/cash coming into our client’s organization while minimizing cash payouts from the organization. (Proper respect of Revenue generation initiatives, Account receivable, account payable, inventory days in all procurement and supply chain operations).

The following operations are carried out in full filling our timely deliveries:

1. Low Cost Countries Sourcing

2. Local Sourcing